Hello, and welcome to my little personal space on the interweb. Having been blogging a while (over at gluten free b), I wanted a place to write less on a specific topic, and more on my every day adventures. A place to expand on the stories told by my daily Instagram photos, but also a place to give an honest, and not too crafted, account of family life. This is that place!

It’s intended as a little diary for 2016, and will evolve as I go, but the intention is to write about family life, food & fitness, things that go on in our home town of Windsor, special events and occasions, and places we travel. I also hope to share some personal reflections that don’t fit into my gluten free blog.


I’m going to be writing within some self-imposed limits though:

  1. I won’t be holding myself to a particular schedule or topic for posts, it’s supposed to be fun and a little bit free-form! I’ll write about things that I find particularly interesting, things that are on my mind, or things I want to record for future reference.
  2. My husband T, and daughter A, are obviously a big part of my life, but they aren’t too keen on being all over the net (or at least, A doesn’t have a choice yet!) so there won’t be many obviously identifiable pictures of or posts about them.
  3. I’d like this to be a beautiful place, but I need to balance this with my evolving photographic skills, and a desire not to present too polished a view of my life.


I hope you enjoy reading, and please do connect with me either on the blog, or via Twitter or Instagram.


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